Activities Inside The Farm

Coffee Tour

The Hacienda Venecia Coffee Tour consists of a trip throughout the coffee world and exploration of a working coffee farm. The farm provides a backdrop for this tour where visitors can experience every stage of the coffee production process as it happens and enjoy an authentic glimpse of life on a coffee farm.

Preparation Workshop - Barista

After the Preparation Workshop, you will be able to recognize and taste the characteristics of a good quality coffee preparation. You will understand the variety of preparation methods, the subtle differences between them and the final effect in the cup.

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Sensory Workshop - Cupping

As part of the Sensory Workshop, you will learn how to identify the characteristics of different types of coffee. You will also learn how to perceive aromas, textures, colors and flavors of the most consumed beverage in the world.

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From Bean To Bar

Hacienda Venecia has developed a Cacao Experience, where our guests and visitors can learn the origins and the process of what we have come to love - Chocolate!

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Bird Watching

Colombia has a wealth of biodiversity and is home to the largest number of different species of birds in the world. Of the 1,876 species of birds registered in Colombia, 1,000 have been found in the Coffee Region.

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The geographical range of Colombia is unmatched in South America. The coffee region is a great place to hike and to enjoy great views of the mountains and the richness of the Andean rainforest.

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Activities Outside The Farm

Paramo Ecosystem and Hot Springs

Only half a dozen countries in the world enjoy the privilege of having a “Páramo Ecosystem”, which is a type of “tropical moorland”. Colombia not only has the largest area of Páramo in the world, but also the greatest number (98 %) of the Páramo plant species that exist in the world.

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Manizales City Tour

Manizales is the main city of Caldas department and is located in the heart of the Colombian Coffee Region. Reflecting its welcoming atmosphere, Manizales is also known as ‘’The City of Open Doors”.

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Salento & Cocora Valley

Visit one of the most pinturesque and traditional villages in the coffee region, with its houses full of colors and the idiosyncrasy of the locals. See the contrast of nature of the Cocora Valley where you will see the tallest palm in the world (wax palm) which is as well the Colombia national tree. And you will have the chance to taste the delicious trout that is offer in the different places around!

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Visit to Salamina Town

Salamina is one of the 10 most beautifuls towns in Colombia, and besides was declared as national architectural heritage. It is located north way in Caldas department. Enjoy walking through the streets and take the time for a pleasent lunch in town.

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