The grown Arábica coffee likes to flourish especially in reliably balmy, pleasantly warm, weather. Therefore this region provides you with its subtropical highland climate, where the spring-like temperature measures enjoyable 17°C to 24°C – the perfect weather to enjoy the Hacienda Venecia Coffee Farm Experience. Even the temperature at night will always keep you warm enough to enjoy a quite night outside.

Although the humidity is approximately 80% all year around, rain is not occurring constantly. Rain, which is an important part of the coffee growing cycle, is more certain and heavier in the wet seasons - March to May and September to November, whereas October gets the highest precipitation of around 200mm.

But keep in mind - even in the dry seasons weather channels might predict rainfall all day long, which might only turn out as short showers during the day or a small thunderstorm during the night. But even statistically there will only be some rain every second or third day.

Therefore, it could be said that a day in the Coffee Triangle offers the perfect weather conditions for enjoying days with the nature, where the sun never gets too strong and the rainfalls never too long. So once you have not hesitated to visit the Hacienda Venecia, you will experience the Coffee Farm with all its facades.

Live an experience surrounded by nature!

Come and enjoy your stay in our coffee farm and enjoy of authentic experiences around this UNESCO site.

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