Main House

The technique of the “Barhareque” construction, which uses bamboo and clay on the walls and clay tiles on the roof, is very typical of this region. The house is painted in shades of red and white to contrast with the lush green surroundings. A balcony surrounds the entire property where you can admire the beauty and exuberance of the coffee landscape.

Next to the house is a “kiosk”, a symbol of the surrounding ecosystem, build with local bamboo (Bambusa guadua) and Coffee Region Walnut timber (Cordia alliodora). The building was designed by architect Simon Velez who recognized worldwide for his work, in particular for the innovative use of bamboo native to this region.

The Bedrooms

The Main House offers six spacious bedrooms from 14m² to 28m², whereas three of them have a private en-suite bathroom. The other rooms share two fully equipped separate bathrooms. The interior of the rooms is basic but there are many accessories that need to be discovered all around the house. It is about the little things that make a once in a lifetime experience.

The Main House is surrounded by a variety of social spaces for you to relax and enjoy the lush landscape. You may use the bamboo kiosk or the seating area around the pool to play games; At the Iguana’s Balcony or the bird watching terrace (Birds Lounge) you can lay down into one of our comfortable hammocks and read a book, take a nap or even observe a variety of birds around the trees. Or just look into the far and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and start day-dreaming. But for sure on of your best experiences on the Hacienda Venecia will be an early bird watch around the Main House. You just need to walk into the gardens and observe – you will see colorful birds wherever you look. And we will guarantee that you will never forget the look into a hummingbird’s eye. The Main House hosts home to our beautiful peacocks that will amazed by their dance or with their jumping on and off the trees.

The Food

Start your day off with a buffet style breakfast that offers you whatever your heart desires - cereals, bread, eggs, marmalade, fresh fruits and juices as well as a fresh brewed Hacienda Venecia coffee.

But all day you can make use of our coffee station and bar area, where you can discover your new favorite drink, while laying at the swimming pool, which is exclusively for you while staying at the Main House.

To treat your senses you can order a set lunch and/or set dinner at the Main House, which will indulge you with typical dishes from the country such as Fijoles, Ajiaco and Sancocho. All those meals are lovingly prepared by local women, who endeavor to put all their dedication and passion in each dish, to give a better experience to you, our guest and visitor.

You cannot leave our Hacienda without having done a short hike in our surroundings or participate in one of our informative and interactive workshops. Please sign up for tours and activities together with your reservation, in order to reserve your spot in advance.

Live an experience surrounded by nature!

Come and enjoy your stay in our coffee farm and enjoy of authentic experiences around this UNESCO site.

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